Leather jewelry

As a trained textile designer, who has for years been involved in teaching, Milena Andric daily paints everything that comes her way. The need for beauty is natural, the need to intervene in the world around ourselves, and there is no copying, no repetition of déjà vu, because the desire to bring something new and beautiful is stronger.

Category of originality is aesthetic (psychological, sociological, artistic and critical) – all the more serious, and designed is Milena’s engagement in designing and producing leather jewelry – because, she creates and constructs and cuts and paints, while she makes these new “items” , small “works of art”.

If we go back far into the past, wearing leather, leather garments, even fur, is seen as an effort of activating the Dionysian side of our nature, that is, as an irrational tendency for attention and it comes from the animalistic side of human nature. Therefore, this is the jewelry that not everyone can understand, nor wear.

Milena’s art is authentic – this is jewelry, but in its form, the performance and the result – it is a lot more – object – sculpture – on a human body. There are even no signs of gender, this is a unisex jewelry – designed for both men and women … and all those who know how to carry it. Free forms- black, brown or green leather as a base (i.e., in the colors of nature) with painted associative details of human or animal (for example, an eye), in the context of full acceptance of the adventures of the material – leather, more like the garment – the so-called plastron or something like that, which only speaks in favor of ambiguity of these art objects.

The way they are recorded and the way that they are exhibited – suggests that these works of art are more than utilitarian or ornamental objects – a common association when mentioning “jewelry.” Thus presented, when the intention of the author’s concept is clear, it becomes clear to the viewer that every object has its own idea, a story that nothing is accidental, although spontaneous, but the most important feature is that these are unique art pieces and to wear them is literally a unique feeling.

March 2017,
Tatjana Milosavljevic